Green Drink Reviews: Living Fuel

UPDATED: June, 2010
This product has a lot of fiber and filler, but it’s also a very low-priced product. And for the price, it’s actually not a bad product with plenty of greens and special herbs. The manufacturer boasts a high protein content, which is true when you add it all up. But while it can be argued that chia seeds provide fatty acids, that peas and brown rice have protein, and that lecithin is good for digestion and elimination…the truth is, these are all relatively low-priced fillers (chia seeds less so) for those who know about green drink formulation. The greens in this product (mostly barley grass, spirulina and some spinach, kale, and other veggie powders) provide the bulk of the nutrition and it also offers a few well-chosen special herbs (dandelion, astragalus, ginger and milk thistle are the most notable). Sweetened with Stevia, which will appeal to some and not others. Good price at only $2.20 per ounce.

Manufacturer’s Description

Living Fuel Rx Super Greens is where it all began! It is the original Living Fuel product. An all-natural whole meal superfood in a nutrient-dense, calorie-restricted format, Super Greens is a whole, raw, complete, foundational superfood—a blend of organic, wildcrafted, and all natural foods that have been optimized with the most bio-available and usable nutrients in existence. SuperGreens is much more than your typical Greens drink. SuperGreens has an almost 2:1 protein-to-carbohydrate ratio and a 2:1 carbohydrate-to-fiber ratio. Plus it has numerous nutrients that support the stabilization of blood sugar levels. Therefore, you can mix in small amounts of any kind of juice or fruit and still not raise blood sugar levels significantly.

Where to Purchase

Online at manufacturer’s site.


Sweet and earthy. Sweetened with Stevia.

Ingredients & Nutritional Facts

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Very cost effective mixture that has both protein and greens. Protein sources are plant-based for those not wanting animal protein.


Heavy on the protein sources.

Recommended Usage

Take two scoops as a replacement or supplement for any meals or snack.

Certifications & Manufacturing



34 oz = $74.97

Price per oz = $2.20

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  1. I’ve used Living Fuel for 3 years and love it! 26 grams of brown rice and yellow pea protein per serving and loads of awesome green superfoods. SuperGreens is my breakfast every morning and I can’t do without it!.

    It’s hard to explain the feeling of wholeness and well-being and energy I get from Living Fuel. It tastes great too. You can do an extended detox fast on LF alone since it’s a whole meal. Most green drinks lack quality protein and you wouldn’t try living on it.

  2. I’ve taken Living Fuel SuperGreens for 8 years. I started replacing one meal a day, then went on a Living Fuel fast and started replacing two meals a day with SuperGreens. My energy level skyrocketed and I lost 30 pounds. The main thing to me as I entered my 60s was improving my nutrition so I could be as young as possible for as long as possible. Great product!

  3. I have used this product on & off for the past 4 yrs. I do notice a major improvement in my well being & energy level when I eat it. Since my recent diagnoses of cancer I have started using it as a protein source which allows me to lower my caloric intake & still get the protein i need to sustain my energy. Which has been lacking. I think this product is Fabulous!

  4. I really like this product. I make a shake every morning with 1 scoop of greens powder and 1 scoop of their protein powder. I also add 1 Tablespoon of psyllium husk to keep me full till lunch. I no longer get tired in the afternoon.

  5. I am looking to start using a green drink, and was looking closely at LF Supergreens, but calculated the cost at over $5 per serving. This is definitely not cost effective when compared to Life Force. I think you should compare cost at COST PER SERVING vs. COST PER OZ. I think this would help people better since serving sizes differ between products.

  6. Tim, the reason we don’t compare on serving size is that manufacturers can manipulate the cost-per-serving price, whereas they cannot manipulate cost-per-ounce. There are no rules or regulations for serving size, so manufacturers can put anything there. Using cost-per-ounce gives you a more reliable price comparison. Hopefully our reviews give you a fairly reliable quality comparison. In the end, you need to experiment to find the best green drink for you. Good luck!

  7. I was wondering if anyone had an idea of how living greens compares to patriot greens . I have been using living greens and like it, but I was really looking fro something with a better taste. Patriot greens seems to have that any thoughts?

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