Green Drink Reviews: Berry Green

This product, while on the expensive side, is almost completely without fillers of any kind. It contains just a bit of brown rice solids, but otherwise, it’s pure functional. It features spinach and other healthy veggie powders (kale, broccoli, cabbage and Brussels sprouts), plus fruit powders like blueberry, cranberry, pomegranate and papaya. This explains the price point of the product; it contains high-end ingredients and pure vegetable and fruit powders. Overall, This is an excellent formulation if a bit expensive at $5.51 per ounce.

Compare this toVitamineral Green, which also has no fillers, but uses a different philosophy in formulation — using more grasses and spirulina instead of the veggies and fruits in Berry Green. Both are good formulations.

Manufacturer’s Description

It’s hard to imagine eating 20 different organic greens and fruits every day. Even if you went to the organic market each morning, you might have trouble finding them all, much less finding the time to eat them all. New Chapter makes it easy to get your superfood greens with products like Berry Green. Each nourishing serving contains 20 organic greens and fruits!



Ingredients & Nutritional Facts

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Robust formula with plenty of greens and reds. This is one of the few formulas that does everything in one product.


A bit more expensive than products with simple greens-only formulations.

Recommended Usage

Mix one tablespoon — approximately 6 grams — with 8 ounces of water or your favorite juice.

Certifications & Manufacturing



6.35 oz = $34.97
(Prices vary greatly. Suggested retail price not published.)

Price per oz = $5.51

Where to Purchase

Berry Green on Amazon

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  1. I did not like this one. If memory serves me right it contained a lot of spice, perhaps turmeric, which gave me a burning feeling and made me a bit sick, no matter how I adjusted the amount or how long I stuck with it. I also did not feel the nutrient energy boost I typically feel with a good green formula.

    I eat 9 or 10 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day anyway, so taking berries in powdered form doesn’t do much for me when I’ve already had two cups of fresh berries.

    I prefer powdered sea vegetables and grasses.

  2. Elizabeth,

    Berry Green doesn’t contain turmeric or any other spice and it has virtually no taste when mixed with juice. Turmeric is good in cooking but I can’t imagine it tastes very good in a glass of juice.


  3. Actually, of all the spices that are sometimes added to these mixtures, tumeric is among the least offensive. Tumeric does not have a strong taste and, in moderation, it can be used in drinks without negative effects on the flavor. Still, if you’re sensitive to taste, then perhaps it’s best to stick with formulations that do not have these spices. Berry Green is a good choice and has a great taste.

    thanks for the comments!

  4. Ugh. The taste is HORRIBLE. Very bitter and earthy in a not-so-good way. It was hard choking down the stuff on a daily basis.

    For a green drink, it wasn’t very green. More like brownish green — though, for some reason, when I added MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement), the drink turned into a very fresh green color.

    I took it straight with water — no juice, for any juice you buy at the store comes pasteurized, and for some reason pasteurized juice and the added ascorbic acid kind of kills the effect of MMS.

    But the ingredients are of high quality. I wish I could say that I experienced an immediate boost in energy, skin clarity and focus, but I hadn’t. Even though I’d been taking it daily for 2 months. Maybe it was all that stress and junky food in NYC — which can be taxing on a California girl.

    My biggest gripes are the price, the taste and the gritty consistency. I wish it had a grassier, fresher flavor.

    Also, it may say “berry green” but it does NOT taste fruity at all.

    And unless New Chapter’s been making a new formulation since, say, May of 09 when I tried Berry Green, I have no idea what the admin is talking about. The taste is nasty — just NASTY.

    I’ve had other green powders that tasted a lot more “neutral” than this one.

  5. You can’t expect any good green drink to taste good with plain water. The best green drink formulations are generally the worst tasting. However if the formulation is well-thought-out, then you should be able to mix it with juices, cocoa powder or other liquids to cover-up the taste. The veggies in Berry Green do, indeed, make this mixture a bit more bitter and “earthy” than you might expect from it’s name…but a little experimentation with juices should help. This one might be good with a heavy scoop of pure cocoa powder, some almond milk and sweetener of your choice.

  6. Berry Green does contain Turmeric. Also, add it to apple juice and stir. Tastes better than water. I take the capsules now so flavor isnt an issue.

  7. Isn’t it fermented.. wouldn’t that make it not so green? Just saying..

  8. Berry Green is not fermented that I know of, nor contains any fermented ingredients. At least the ingredients list does not indicate this. Still, fermented ingredients are not necessarily “less green.” I suppose it depends on the specific ingredient.

  9. How can I tell the actual amounts of the different ingredients that make up the powder? Unlike other powders, specific amounts (in grams or milligrams) are not listed on the label.

    Instead I can see that spinach is the number one ingredient. Next blueberries. For all I know the powder is almost entirely spinach and all the other ingredients are in small amounts. Spinach is obviously cheaper than blueberries and many of the other ingredients. I don’t want to pay a lot of money just for what could be essentially spinach powder.

    I know New Chapter is generally a good company. But there is so much deception in the supplement industry, I don’t trust it when a company won’t clearly spell out the make-up of a product, not just ingredients, but also in what amounts.

    Even in New Chapter’s own multi-vitamin products, they’re more specific about the actual amounts of individual ingredients.

    This product also has the dubious, “1 billion per serving at the time of manufacture,” label regarding the probiotics in it. Most probiotics do not survive at room temperature. This is a clear equivocation on New Chapter’s part, because they cannot guarantee that any of the probiotics are still viable by the time one consumes it. High quality probiotic products (of which there are many) are refrigerated and guarantee that if the product is stored correctly it will have a certain amount of active cultures at the time of consumption, not manufacture.

    I wouldn’t be taking this product for the probiotics, but it’s another misleading thing on the label that makes me question what I’m actually getting.

    It’s too bad. I like the philosophy of this product. I’m not interested in the grasses and algaes, that are cheaper ingredients with less nutrients in them (completely belying the whole “superfood” misnomer). Berry Green seems to be the only product like this not stuffing itself with these less useful ingredients. But still, the label needs more specific information on it.

  10. P.S. Thank you for all the green drink reviews on this website. It was super helpful for getting a sense of what’s out there and the different ways they’re put together. This site is the only resource like this that I’ve found.

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