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This formulation is different than most others, in that it’s focus is on both nutrition and amino acids. Hence, the formula contains some greens (mostly from spirulina and grasses), but also includes a great number of aminos from various sources (nuts, beans, molasses, alfalfa seeds, etc.). These types of ingredients are more expensive, hence the hefty price tag. You need to decide if the mixture is worthwhile for you, or if you’d be better off purchasing nuts and molasses and adding them to a more cost-effective formulation.

Manufacturer’s Description

Prime Directive, through the Flora Fermâ„¢ process, has fermented a variety of 22 Certified Organic Wholefoods. It is important to note that each ingredient is a whole food and not extracts, parts of plants or synthetic chemicals dressed up as vitamins. Many races for thousands of years have fermented their foods. This process not only assisted in preserving the food, it also assisted in retaining the goodness and vitality of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

All foods contain amino acids, the building blocks for life. Proper processing and fermentation keeps the amino acids contained in our whole foods intact. The whole foods in Prime Directive contain 20 amino acids in their natural form, no synthetic amino acids are added to Prime Directive.

Where to Purchase

Online at manufacturer’s site.



Ingredients & Nutritional Facts

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Recommended Usage

Up to one teaspoon per day. Half a teaspoon on rising and half a teaspoon before bed in purified water or juice. Or add 3 teaspoons to your favorite bread recipe.

Certifications & Manufacturing


5.29 oz = $54.95 ($10.39 per ounce)
15.87 oz (3-pack) = $149.85 ($49.95 each, $9.44 per ounce)

Price per oz = $10.39

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