Product Review: Vital Greens

This formulation is quite interesting. It is designed to curb the appetite (with artichoke powder, green tea and other ingredients) while giving you some protein (from peas mostly) and nutrients from a variety of green botanicals. The greens are heavy in spirulina with a few grasses thrown in too. It has the ratio of spirulina to grass that I like — meaning it’s mostly spirulina. Other greens and herbs of note include spinach powder, ginseng, rosehips, astragalus, milk thistle, rosemary extract and mushroom extract. Plus, there is a hefty dose of apple powder, which is very good for digestion and liver cleansing (plus it tastes good). I’ve never seen a mixture with this much apple powder in it. The only drawback is the large amount of bulking ingredients (all of which have some function in the mix, but they are mostly bulking). These include the pea protein, lecithin, and some flaxseed meal. Overall, this is a high-end formulation for a very reasonable price of $4.36 per ounce.

Compare with Berry Green for a different formulation at a slightly higher price.

Manufacturer’s Description

Vital Greens is a nutrient and enzyme-rich, complete superfood containing 76 nutrients essential for optimal health, energy and vitality. It includes naturally occurring whole food source vitamins, trace minerals, antioxidants, pro-biotics, essential amino acids, omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids, digestive enzymes, cell pigments, plant sterols and fibres.

Where to Purchase

Online at manufacturer’s site. Shipped from Australia.


Slightly fruity.

Ingredients & Nutritional Facts

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Excellent, robust and intelligent formulation with excellent liver support and appetite suppressant ingredients…all at a reasonable price.


It’s among the more expensive mixtures.

Recommended Usage

Once in the morning and/or once in the afternoon.

Certifications & Manufacturing

Most of the bulk ingredients are certified organic or natural origin.
ORAC = 1758 per gram (17,580 per 100 grams)


14 oz = $61.08 ($4.36 per ounce)
35.3 oz = $120.93 ($3.43 per ounce)

Price per oz = $4.36

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  1. I’m still not sure if I should get this or Emerald Balance? Anybody tried both? Which is better?

  2. I haven’t tried Emerald Balance but I have tried Vital Greens. I have noticed a big difference in my energy levels since taking it. I was always tired by the end of the day but I find this green drink keeps me energized for longer.

  3. This is a great product that really works. (It tastes disgusting though)! It has dramatically reduced my appetite (I had bad carb cravings that caused me to put on weight) and has increased my energy. I feel great. Its definitely worth the price and I can see myself taking this forever.

  4. This one is on the top of my list. Tastes ok. The more alkaline you become the more neutral the taste will become.

    Mixed with some fresh OJ and its actually pretty tasty.

    Have it in the morning on an empty stomach is the best time.

    And this one is totally organically grown. I like that.

  5. have heard great things about this and started taking today- i think it is best taken with alkaline fruits though, say in a smoothie with rice milk/soy milk and berries tastes great!!!

  6. Really good stuff. drink it every day. Agree with your taste opinions, although after a few goes i actually look forward to it now based on how it makes me feel.

  7. the label dosent mention caffeine(green tea) except in tiny tiny letters .(on my 120g bottle.-testing it out)

    it should really state in large type any strong stimulant additives
    i have to avoid stimulants sadly big time .
    i suffer frm insomnia.-a very lite sleeper.
    will just take morning dose.
    are there any other stimulants added i shld know about?

  8. I take vital greens I add it to my fresh vegetable juice and I feel great I am full of energy and feel younger. I am 71

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