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I like the formulation of this product and feel it’s an excellent value for the price. It has very little filler, which consists mostly of apple fiber and pectin, flaxseed meal, and rice bran (not the worst type of fillers if you have to include some). The bulk of this formula is made up of greens and fruits with some great herbs to complete the anti-oxidant blend. The greens are varied and consist of grasses, veggie powders, spirulina and chlorella. There is also some parsley and watercress to boot (I love to see watercress in these formulations). The fruits are also varied and include acerola, blueberry, orange, pineapple and raspberry. The herbal extras include green tea, grape seed extract, tumeric and rose hips. Plus, they include some exotic ingredients, such as bamboo, cinnamon, horsetail herb, ginseng, ginger, suma, astragalus, and royal jelly. This is a quality blend at a very good price of $4.30 per ounce.

Manufacturer’s Description

Emerald Balance is a delicious, nutritious superfood drink your body will love. The Balance in Emerald Balance Comes From: Antioxidants for healthy aging, Superfoods for high contents of beneficial and essential nutrients, Enzymes and Probiotics to help absorb the nutrients and balance the flora in the intestinal tract, Fiber to help with elimination of toxins in the body, Herbs that detoxify and enhance elimination of the toxins from the liver and kidneys, Lecithin to aid in capillary flexibility and neurotransmitters, Immune enhancers to keep you strong, Herbs that help balance glucose levels, adrenal levels and hormonal levels, Energizing herbs without harmful stimulants, Herbs that increase the absorption of important minerals such as Silica, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Chromium and the essential and non essential vitamins.


Sweet (sweetened with stevia). Sweet and minty.

Ingredients & Nutritional Facts

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You’ll get a quality blend of botanical ingredients with plenty of greens and plenty of anti-oxidants. The “extras” are also very well chosen and the price is quite reasonable.


Not everyone will like the stevia sweetener and minty taste. Some people may prefer a mixture that is heavier in the greens, with ingredients like seaweeds.

Recommended Usage

Mix just one tablespoon or a convenient packet of this great-tasting drink with 6-12 ounces of pure water, or add to your favorite protein shake.

Certifications & Manufacturing

ORAC = 3083 per gram


9.28 oz = $39.95

Price per oz = $4.30

Where to Purchase

Emerald Balance on Amazon
Emerald Balance on eBay

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  1. Geat product! I’ve been taking it for 3 years and recommend it to everyone I know.

  2. I just got this product and I think it’s the best I’ve tried. It has Spirulina and Parsley, amongst other good for you ingredients. It tastes better than most of the green drinks I’ve tried. Has a lighter flavor with a hint of sweetness (not too overpowering)

  3. I’ve had pure wheatgrass and other green drinks. I must say that I don’t believe it’s the best tasting drinks you’ll have however, the addition of the mint aspect made me believe that I might vomit. I’ll be going back to the not so minty type of green drinks. Other than that, I think this could be a good product.

  4. I have just tried this…………………I must say i do feel better and No pain,.wow

  5. Love this drink. I dont know if its just a positive thinking kinda thing or not but I always feel good after drinking this or any other green drink for that matter. I think this tastes good, I usually mix with green tea or milk. I like to read the lable now and then to remind myself just how awesome these products are. If I could only have 1 supplement…a green drink would be my first choice.

  6. Thanks for the reviews. I haven’t been able to stomach any greens drinks until I tried Emerald Balance. I think that it tastes great for the potency. I have my whole family taking it.

  7. I have both the regular and chocolate flavors, and like Charles, I find the taste pretty intolerable. It is minty and too sweet. I’d rather have something that tastes more like grass/natural.

  8. I fear this product is giving me diarrhea. I visited their website and was advised to try taking a smaller amount. They wrote something about the elimination of toxins which always makes me feel a bit skeptical. Anyone else having the same response?

  9. I have used this for a couple days. I am a bit overwhelmed by the minty taste. mixing it in water wasnt working for me – so I put it in a smoothie – and it was better… only 28 more days and this tub will be gone. I will be looking for another type, I think.

  10. I’ve updated the Taste information in this review to include these comments. Thanks all.

  11. love the minty taste – I rather drink this than take pills. Not sure it’s related, but it’s helped a lot with some pre-existing digestion issues; better than yogurt.

  12. Mix in a smoothy; one of the better drinks out there for the price — a real Super food and not just junk thrown together. I keep coming back to this for real energy. However, I also like Vita-mineral Green. I want to try Pure Synergy but it is a bit expensive.

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