Green Drink Price Comparison Chart

UPDATED January 4, 2009

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NOTES: This chart uses the manufacturer’s published price of a 30-day supply (or equivalent) whenever possible. Most manufacturers offer discounts on quantity purchases, so be sure to check for any specials that might be available. See our Coupons page for details.

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  1. Why does Greens 8000 make me constipated? I want antioxadants but cannot live with constipation. Thanks

  2. Greens 8000 is high in digestive support (enzymes, probiotics, and sprouted grains), so it’s no surprise you’re getting a reaction in that area. That’s actually a good sign and suggests that things are getting cleaned out and back on track. This type of reaction is often heightened in people with poor eating habits (currently or in the past). My wife had a similar problem when she took a probiotic yogurt product every day. I told her to stick with it and that things would begin to change. After about a week, things changed and the constipation stopped.

    So I’d suggest sticking with it a bit longer. While you’re at it, try to stay off the dairy products and red meat. That might help.

    Good luck!

  3. I am curious why you do not list Kylea on your site? It is a very expensive green drink, but I would like to know how it compares to all the other Green drinks out there.

    Anyway to get it added to your site?


  4. LJ, you’re wrong. Kylea’s TDLG is the LEAST expensive product on the market, coming at $2.33 per ounce. That is lower than any product on the list here.

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