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pHion Green is formulated especially to help make your blood pH more alkaline. Alkalinity in the body is an important factor in overall health, as an alkaline system is unfriendly to bacteria, viruses and parasites. Most of these harmful antibodies thrive on acidic environments. That’s why there is a huge movement in increasing blood and body alkalinity via food and water. The trick is…experts don’t agree on how body alkalinity should be measured and, therefore, what foods increase alkalinity. For example, some say that fruits like orange and lemon are alkaline, because they convert from acid to alkaline in your digestive process. Others call them acidic because they will increase the acidity of your urine after you eat them.

Since pHion Green is made specifically to increase alkalinity, it would be unfair to judge it only on its nutritional quality. Instead, it should be judged on both nutrition and its ability to increase alkalilnity. So here’s my evaluation: pHion is well formulated for blood alkalinity since it’s heavy in grasses, which are very alkaline, if not the most nutritious of the greens. The rest of the formula includes some fruit and veggie powders (grapefruit, lemon, cucumber, kale, spinach, tomato, etc).  There’s not much else to speak of. As an alkalining formula, it’s on the expensive side, but it does the job. As an overall green drink, it’s very weak in comparison to, say, Vitamineral Green, which is also quite alkaline but includes more nutrition in its greens (and it’s less expensive). If this product were closer to $3.00 per ounce, instead of $4.72, I’d feel a lot better about giving it high marks.

Manufacturer’s Description

Even the most devoted students of pH balance can have trouble including enough alkalizing foods in their diet. That’s why a greens product like pHion Green is so essential. pHion Green contains 40 different raw alkalizing juices and foods that are so alkalizing, they easily make up for the gaps in your diet. Unlike ordinary greens, pHion Green contains only alkaline ingredients from 40 different grasses, veggies, low sugar fruits and sprouts. And pHion Green tastes SO GOOD…you’ll forget it’s green!



Ingredients & Nutritional Facts

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Great for those wanting an alkalizing formula.


More expensive than other, comparable formulas.

Recommended Usage

Once in the morning and/or once in the afternoon.

Certifications & Manufacturing



7.4 oz = $34.95

Price per oz = $4.72

Where to Purchase

Phion Greens on Amazon
Phion Greens on eBay

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  1. We’ve been using this green drink when we’ve been too tired/busy to make our own fabulous green smoothies.

    Our teenage son made it clear that he preferred our home made smoothies to the PHion drink but to be honest it has grown on us. The taste is OK and we’ll definitely buy it again.

    I’m likely to keep a jar of it in the office so that I can have it at lunch time and again just before I leave in the evening so that I still have energy to do the things I like when I get home (instead of just vegging out in front of the TV – pardon the pun!)

  2. I’ve tried Innerlight, Alkavision, and Phion Green and Phion seems to be my favorite and the price is reasonable also.

  3. I have been drinking the Phion Green for several years. They used to have a better fresher tasting mix before, but lately Phion have added bunch of extra ingredients and the taste changed. I tried to ask them via email why they changed the formula but they never for once respond back to me or give a explanation or two. I have also tried their capsule, not as good as the powder mix.

    I think their price is a bit too high and I would look elsewhere for some other better priced products just to compare.

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