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Mighty Greens is made by one of the nation’s most reputable wheat grass growers. They supply a great many of the formulators of other green products and now they have created their own green formula, getting the non-wheat-grass ingredients from some of their own best customers. The formulation is designed to do one thing very well: provide green superfoods. Not surprisingly, it’s heavy in grasses and has a good deal of Spirulina and some chlorella. The fillers are soy lecithin, which has some nutritional benefits along with being a filler, brown rice bran, and apple pectin fiber. There’s not much else to this product…just a little royal jelly (excellent addition and very nutrient rich) aleo vera, pineapple powder, dulse (a seaweed that’s full of nutrients), ginseng, grape skin extract (also full of nutrients and antioxidants) and some herbs like ginko, bilberry leaf and ginger.

The price is on the high side for this product, but what you get in exchange are the best quality ingredients on the market, a company that is completely transparent (note the full disclosure of ingredient quantities), and a formula that covers all the bases. You can add to this formula the extra herbs and nutrients you want.

Compare with GreenShield, Emerald Balance, and Amazing Grass — all have similar formulations.

Manufacturer’s Description

Mighty Greens Superfood Blend is a highly nutritious, refreshing drink mix made with PINES premium cereal grasses and alfalfa, plus spirulina, chlorella, royal jelly, and 16 other superfoods and herbs. (Click for: Full List of Ingredients). Balanced to provide great taste, quick energy, and the long-lasting benefits of green vegetables. Formulated for daily use to increase your intake of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber.

Where to Purchase

Online at manufacturer’s site.
Some health food stores and whole foods markets.


Slightly Grassy. Slightly Fruity. Slightly Minty.

Ingredients & Nutritional Facts

PINES Wheat Grass (1033 mg)
PINES Barley Grass (1033 mg)
PINESAlfalfa (1033 mg)
Soy Lecithin (973 mg)
Spirulina (558 mg)
Pectin Apple Fiber (533 mg)
Sprouted Barley Malt (516 mg)
Brown Rice Bran (516 mg)
Bee Pollen (217 mg)
Pineapple Powder (217 mg)
Nova Scotia Dulse (128 mg)
FOS (107 mg)
Chlorella (87 mg)
PINES Beet Juice Powder (87 mg)
PINES Oat Grass (87 mg)
PINES Rye Grass (87 mg)
Siberian Ginseng (63 mg)
Grape Skin Extract (57 mg)
PINES Peppermint Leaf (43 mg)
Royal Jelly (43 mg)
Acerola Juice Powder (43 mg)
Licorice Root (43 mg)
PINES Rhubarb Juice Powder (43 mg)
Aloe Vera (17 mg)
Ginkgo Biloba (17 mg)
Ginger Root (13 mg)
Bilberry Leaf (8 mg)


Excellent quality ingredients and a good basic formula to cover the basics in green superfoods.


On the expensive side and it does not offer very many “extra” ingredients for the price.

Recommended Usage

Take one tablespoon per day mixed in water or juice.

Certifications & Manufacturing



8oz = $37.50

Price per oz = $4.69

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  1. I'd like to add the following to your list of don't add:artificial sweeteners, hormone injections, any type of preservatives, trans fats etc. The only people gaining from these additives are the food manufacturers and you can be sure they aren't feeding this junk to their own fa3I#ies!i&lm9;m here from Bloggy Moms

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