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Vega is designed differently than most green drinks. It provides a larger than usual amount of protein, which makes it a cross between a protein drink and a green drink. The protein comes from hemp and green pea mostly, but also contains some rice and flax. The last two would be fillers to most people, but they do provide some protein. These ingredients give the mixture a slightly gritty texture, but you can easily overcome that by mixing with a “thick” fruit juice or nectar.

After the protein, the formula contains Chicory Root, which is generally considered filler, but does contain vitamin C and fiber to aid in elimination and cholesterol reduction. The formula is also high in Maca Root, which is excellent for natural energy and hormone balance and is used as a general tonic and libido enhancer. However, Maca is one of the ingredients I consider to be “average” in terms of benefits-to-bulk ratio (see my list of best, average and worst ingredients here). Finally, Vega lists Chlorella and Essential Fatty Acids on the label representing 3,250 mg of the mixture. That’s where the nutrition is…but it’s not as high as I’d like to see it.

Overall, the mixture is not bad if you’re interested in a mostly-protein drink that uses no animal products for its protein. At approximately $4.35 per serving, the formula is a bit on the high side in terms of cost-benefit. The cost per ounce is low at $2.14, but the suggested serving size is larger than normal at over 2 ounces (61g). Flavored and sweetened with Stevia, the taste is something you have to try for yourself.

Compare with Juvo.

Manufacturer’s Description

A synergistic collection of plant-based superfoods, Vega is not only a complete meal replacement, but also an ideal daily health-optimizing supplement. High in fiber, protein and essential fatty acids, Vega is naturally filling and satisfying, helping to reduce appetite and cravings. An instant, one-stop meal made exclusively from plant-based whole foods, Vega Whole Food Health Optimizer is:

  • Packed with complete protein, 100% RDI of vitamins and minerals, fiber, Omega-3 and 6 EFAs, antioxidants, probiotics, enzymes, ChlorEssence and MacaSure.
  • Made exclusively from natural, plant based ingredients.
  • Free of animal products, dairy, gluten, soy, sugar, wheat, yeast artificial sweeteners, GMOs or pesticides


Flavored with vanilla, berry, chocolate, or natural, these mixtures have a strong taste of stevia. If you don’t mind stevia, then you’ll be fine with these flavors. The texture is a bit thick and gritty, but that can actually work well if you mix correctly to make a kind of “shake.” Those with sensitive taste will be able to detect the green pea…which is not bad, but unusual in a green drink.

Ingredients & Nutritional Facts

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Excellent source of non-animal protein, along with some energy boosting ingredients and a bit of nutrition.


A bit low on the nutritional ingredients for the price. Some may not like the strong stevia taste.

Recommended Usage

Take one serving daily for optimal health and vitality. A full serving of Vega Whole Food Health Optimizer equals two level scoops—these make a nutritionally complete and satisfying liquid whole food meal without compromises. For those with smaller appetites, try just half a serving (one scoop) for a meal or snack.

Certifications & Manufacturing

100% Vegan


35oz = $74.95

Price per oz = $2.14

Where to Purchase

Vega Whole Food Health Optimizer on Amazon
Vega Health Optimizer on eBay

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  1. Have you found any place to get samples or discounts on Vega?

  2. Whole Foods Market carries sample size (1 serving) packets of different flavors of Vega. I believe the sample sizes cost a little bit over $3.00 for a packet. There’s no discount on the regular size jar/tub though…I paid $74.00.

  3. iI have been getting this product from The price is around that $58.00 price range with shipping. Worth a look!

  4. I was looking for protein supplements mostly when I found this green drink, the vanilla flavour (only this one) was 8,99$ at pharmaprix instead of 74,99$ which is extremely good, but I do agree that the normal price isn’t that much worth it, but it might be because I’m a 19 years old university student with not much money. I really dislike the taste though, I mix it with homemade green iced tea with or without a sweetenet, otherwise I really have trouble drinking it. Always look in drug stores if they have sales like this, it wasn’t in the flyer, I simply went to the supplement section to buy either shakes or protein bars and found sales for both.

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