Review: Shakeology Nutritional Health Supplement & Meal Replacement Protein Shake

There are a lot of great ingredients in Shakeology…including whey protein, which is an excellent protein source (they use the isolate, which has less lactose and more protein per serving). They also provide protein in the form of pea fiber. Other key ingredients include Maca powder (an excellent natural energy supplement that provides minerals), flax and chia seeds (more protein and omega-3s), plus plenty of greens (AFA spirulina, spinach, chlorella, seaweeds, and an assortment of grasses). Some of the special herbs provided in this formulation include ashwaganda (energy and circulation support), green tea extract, and basil powder. The formula has a bit of filler in the form of grains, apple pectin (which also acts as a natural emulsifier), and even the Maca can be regarded as a filler (although it has excellent nutritional properties too).

This formulation is especially suited for anyone wanting a meal replacement for a healthy weight loss program or anyone wanting more healthy protein, including vegetarians (if dairy is ok), athletes, body builders, and those suffering from low-energy and low blood pressure. Compared to other protein powders, this one is one of the best. At $2.36 per ounce, it’s a good deal for healthy protein supplement and nutrition.

Manufacturer’s Description

This patent-pending daily nutritional shake helps your body gently eliminate toxins more efficiently while allowing for better absorption of the essential nutrients you need. A proprietary blend of digestive enzymes and prebiotics helps your body progressively eliminate the toxins that build up over time from eating today’s highly processed foods.

At the same time, whole-food ingredients deliver the essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals your body needs to curb cravings, allowing your body to shed stored fat while the more than 20 different antioxidants and phytonutrients help reduce free radical damage that can lead to heart disease, heart attacks, high blood pressure, and stroke.


Sweet and creamy. Sweetened with stevia, apple, fructose, and natural flavors (chocolate, vanilla, etc.)

Ingredients & Nutritional Facts

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Excellent source of protein and nutrients for a healthy meal replacement. Plus it has plenty of greens.


Not everyone will want whey protein, as it’s a dairy product. However, for those who can tolerate whey, it’s one of the best protein sources you can get…better than any meat.

Recommended Usage

Add 1 full scoop (48 g) of Shakeology powder to 1 cup (8 fl . oz.) cold water or beverage (milk, soy milk, rice milk, etc.) and mix. It can also be mixed in a blender with ice for a creamy, frosty smoothie.

Certifications & Manufacturing



50.8 oz (30 servings) = $119.95
Price per oz = $2.36

Where to Purchase

Manufacturer’s Website
Team Beachbody website

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  1. Hi,
    Great review of Shakeology. I use it every day, as my breakfast, usually after a good morning workout to one of my video programs. I’m worked out, fed for the morning and showered, all before my boys wake up for school.

    I wouldn’t miss a day of Shakeology. Using it for 6 months or so, I have lost over 50 lbs AND my once sky-high blood pressure is now solidly in the normal range, cholesterol too. Thanks for the unbiased review!

  2. Is it appropriate to do a review and then refer to a coach’s website for sales? This makes me want to disregard this entire review! How can I trust what you say is legitimate looks like you are selling the product for gosh sakes. I’ll stick to legitimate reviews thanks

  3. This particular product is only sold through the company’s MLM network…meaning you cannot get this product in stores or through online distributors — only their MLM distributors. That’s why we list one of their distributors as a place to get it. This is NOT our distribution site. We are not selling the product and we receive NO COMMISSIONS on this at all — either from the company or the distributor.

    We make almost no money on this website except for a small amount from Amazon referrals and a few ads. Green drink companies are notorious for NOT PAYING ANYTHING for marketing or advertising.


  4. great website!!! Lots of good information that help me to understand a litle more of healthy life stlye.

    I am not sure of shakeology. I know its expensive. I still wanted to try it out to see how it made me feel. I was under the impression it will give you energy. But in my case it made me so sleepy. It never failed every time I had a shake a few minutes later i was sleeping.
    Do you know why this happens?

  5. Sonia, there is absolutely nothing in this mixture that might produce drowsiness. On the contrary, this formula has more than a few energizing ingredients. So if you’re feeling sleepy after drinking it…I’d guess that you’re having an allergic reaction to something in there, perhaps something that’s affecting your thyroid. If you have thyroid issues, this could be related. Otherwise, you would have to try other formulas or single ingredients until you found the culprit.

  6. Hi,
    I am a former BB coach and I just wanted to let you know that BB has changed their formulas so you might want to put the updated label info on your site.
    Also, in addition to your response to Sonia, there have a multitude of side effects reported by users of the new NOT VEGAN Choc. formula, ranging from throat swelling and/or jittery feelings and headaches. Due to these reactions,, I am no longer able to view this product as safe and have ended my association w/BB.
    Thank you!

  7. Lisa, I checked the BB website and found the following updated label information —-> here.

    Assuming this is the most current information (it’s dated 4/20/2012), I still see nothing that would cause drowsiness. If people are having “side effects” as you say, it’s not due to any unhealthy, artificial, or chemically processed ingredient in the mixture. Granted, the mixture is mostly filler and inexpensive protein sources, but it’s meant to be a protein drink first and foremost. The things you claim could possibly be due to the quality of the ingredients and how they were grown, but it could also be that you are angry with them for some other reason and are looking to blast them on public forums (you can’t imagine how much of that I get — and end up filtering much of it out).

  8. I am currently taking strawberry shakeology for nutrition only(no weightloss needed). However, I just got athletic greens because of the combination of spirulina, green tea extract and broccoli mix. Any thoughts on shakeology vs. athletic greens?

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