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SuperFood Seasoning is a different take on superfood powders. Rather than a green drink mix, this product is a sprinlke-on seasoning that contains nothing but herbs and superfoods. It tastes great and goes well with any savory foods…and makes certain foods (like popcorn and ramen noodles) healthy in a very economical way. They recommend it with popcorn as a meal replacement, but you can use it on pasta, salads, toast, eggs…just about anything.

Featured ingredients include reishi and shiitake mushroom powders, which are great for healing, brain function and appetite control; seaweeds, which are rich in nutrients; pomegranate powder, a great source of antioxidants; tumeric and much more. Provides an easy way to add superfood nutrition to your diet every day. At $3.42 per ounce, it’s comparable to any green drink on the market…and you might find it more useful in many situations.

Manufacturer’s Description

SuperFood Seasoning is the healthy spice mix that adds SuperFood nutrition to any savory dish! Instantly improve your nutrition while gradually controlling your appetite — just by sprinkling some SuperFood Seasoning on your food. SuperFood Seasoning goes great with eggs, salads, popcorn, soups, pasta…just about any savory dish.


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Rishi Mushroom Powder
Nori Seaweed Powder
Ground Flax Seed Meal
Pomegranate Powder
Black Pepper
Kosher Salt
Cayenne Pepper


A unique and tasty way to get more superfoods. A great formula for both flavor and nutrition. Excellent addition to your existing green drink routine.


Not a green drink.


3.5 ounces = $11.99
Price per ounce = $3.42

Where to Purchase

From manufacturer’s site at

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  1. Sound like an all around healthy seasoning powder. When I see it on the shelf I’ll give it a try. Love popcorn and I know I use too much salt.

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