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review, magma plusA super robust formula that is the most nutritionally dense and balanced green drink on the market — it truly serves as both a top notch green drink and as a multivitamin/multimineral supplement. VITAFORCE has a great balance of all the nutrients you need daily, and, unlike most green drinks, it has a complete vitamin and mineral label showing exactly the amount of nutrients you get per serving. Of particular note, it contains reliable sources of essential nutrients that are almost always lacking in other green drinks, such as Vitamin B-12, Vitamin D, zinc and selenium.

The formulation is rich in organic spirulina, chlorella, organic wheatgrass juice, organic veggies (such as kale, collards, parsley, spinach), organic Icelandic kelp and a beautiful blend of organic superfruits (acai, wild bilberry, aronia, wild elderberry, black raspberry, pomegranate etc.). It also contains some nutritional yeasts that provide B-vitamins and other nutrients and probiotics.

Also, because the product is 100% vegan and hypoallergenic, it is a product that can be taken by everyone. It is available in tablets as well, which is convenient.

The product comes in at about $4.37 an ounce, which is not the lowest, even for the super robust formulas. But when you factor in that you can get a month’s supply of this for as little as $34.99, it really is a very reasonable green drink – particularly given the incredible quality and nutritional density of this product.

Manufacturer’s Description

The only whole food powder that provides all your daily vitamins and minerals as nature intended – from real food. VITAFORCE is not only the most nutritionally dense superfood powder in existence, but it is also the world’s best multivitamin. It is the only multivitamin/multimineral supplement that provides ideal amounts of each nutrient from the healthiest whole foods on earth. We have reviewed tens of thousands of peer-reviewed studies from the world’s most respected medical journals to ensure we formulated VITAFORCE to contain ideal amounts and ratios of each essential nutrient.

It replaces other multivitamins which provide synthetic or isolated nutrients and which often contain megadoses that may be harmful. Made from the world’s most nutrient dense super foods including 24 certified organic/wildcrafted ingredients and 2 billion live probiotic cells per serving. VITAFORCE truly is the most advanced and complete nutritional supplement on earth.


Neutral. Slightly grassy and slightly earthy. No bitterness.

Ingredients & Nutritional Facts

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(100% Vegan) (Org. = Certified Organic)
Super Foods, Greens and Veggies: Org. Spirulina, Hawaiian Spirulina, Cracked Cell Chlorella, Org. Wheat Grass Juice, Org. Kale, Org. Collard Greens, Org. Parsley, Org. Beet Juice, Org. Broccoli Sprouts, Org. Spinach, Org. Icelandic Kelp

Red Algae: Wildcrafted Calcified Red Algae (citric acid and malic acid), Dunaliella Salina Extract

Super Fruit Blend: Acerola Cherry Extract (25% Vitamin C), Org. Mango, Org. Acai, Org. Wild Billberry, Org. Wild Lingonberry, Org. Black Currant (berry and juice), Org. Aronia Juice, Org. Pomegranate Juice, Org. Wild Blueberry, Org. Concord Grape Juice, Org. Sour Cherry Juice, Org. Wild Elderberry Juice, Org. Wild Cranberry Juice, Org. Red Raspberry, Org. Black Raspberry

Non-Active Nutritional Yeast**: Nutritional Yeast, Zinc Yeast, Chromium Yeast, SelenoExcell Yeast

Dairy-Free Probiotic Blend: FOS (prebiotic), Lactobacillus acidophilus (1 billion cfu/gm), B Bifidobacterium bifidum (1 billion cfu/gm)


A robust and well designed green drink for a fair price. Good quality ingredients. High quality ingredients and no waste or filler. Also available in tablets.


No major complaints.

Recommended Usage

One scoop a day is all you need.

Certifications & Manufacturing

100% vegan and cruelty-free
100% free of gluten, corn, soy, dairy, peanut or other nut ingredients
23 certified organic ingredients and 1 wildcrafted ingredients
Product is manufactured in a NSF GMP Certified Facility using the industry’s most rigorous standards and testing.


8 ounces = $34.99
Price per ounce = $4.37

Where to Purchase

Vitaforce on Amazon
Organic Health and Beauty

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  1. Thank you for the review. It’s very difficult to decide on which green food to use these days, since they all seem so similar. But, based on this, Vitaforce seems to be the one that I should give a go… Thanks again for the information.

  2. In your personal opinion, do you think this is a better product than Vitamineral Green?

  3. In my personal opinion, I think they are comparable. Vitamineral Green is a bit stronger and consequently has a horrible taste. VitaForce is better tasting, since the nutritional yeast cuts the potency of the greens just a bit — making it easier to take on a daily basis. VitaForce has a fruit blend, where Vitamineral Green does not. This makes Vitamineral Green more dense in greens, and VitaForce a bit more well-rounded.

    Both products are excellent. If you are trying to decide between them, it might be worth getting a bottle of each and making your own comparison, as there are many personal issues involved in a final decision.

  4. I’m going to try Vitaforce because of its complete vitamin and mineral content as well as green plant nutrition. Looks good!!

  5. Hi , is there a reason why you have not reviewed athletic greens yet? the reason I am asking is because I understand that they were suing anyone giving them a bad review etc…or at least giving them a hard time…I am wondering if that is a reason

  6. Raed, the only reason we haven’t reviewed it (it’s on our list) is that we have not been able to make contact with the company. They have not responded to our emails. We require a connection at the company for any questions or issues we may have in reviewing the product and afterward, if we have to forward questions from our readers to the manufacturer. Some manufacturers are not very cooperative and others are.

  7. Who makes Athletic Greens?

  8. Have you heard of EXSULA Superfoods. I’ve heard oustanding things about them. Very high end but also very pricey.

  9. One serving per day provides only only 12% of your daily IRON requirement according to the Label of Vitaforce. So, this product would not completely replace a multivitamin
    which provides 100% of your daily iron needs, correct? So, would subscribers of VitaForce
    need to take an iron pill to meet their other 88% of iron needed per day???

  10. I want a good product I was using purityproducts but I spent more time tracking package then I wanted and to many times do anyone know of a good product. Whole food and fruit supplements

  11. have you reviewed organifi green juice?

  12. When will the tablet form be available and where will I be able to purchase the item?

  13. What is the diffrence between vitaforce and all day energy green.
    Although vitaforce has probiotic it doesn’t give me the energy that all day energy greens gives me. I what to find out why?

  14. Im allergic to cherries. I see that it has cherry extract. i’m afraid to try it because of that.

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