Suggest a Green Drink for our Reviews…

Suggest a Green Drink for our Reviews…

If you’re the manufacturer of a product, please click this link to submit your drink information for review. There is no cost to include your product. Please also send samples for review to:

Green Drink Reviews
1171 S. Robertson #124
Los Angeles, CA 90035

If you are NOT the manufacturer and would like us to include a product in our Product Reviews, please send us an email at with the name of the product and, if possible, the manufacturer’s website, and we’ll get in touch with the manufacturer.

We reserve the right to include or exclude any product in our listings, based on our own editorial evaluation.

Products We Know About but Have Not Reviewed Yet

Royal Greens
Green Superfood
Super Greens
Organic Greens by Megafood
Tonic Alchemy by Dragon Herbs
YOR Supergreens
Catie’s Greens (by energyessentials)
Mega Greens
Gary Null’s Green Stuff
Green Life by Superfood Snacks
ZingGo by Dr. Goodcarbs
The Feast (by URI)
Trader Darwin’s Very Green
Green Lightning by Source of Life
Nature’s Plus Source of Life
Essential Greens by Garden Greens
Greens +
Barlean’s Green
Green Edge
Garden Greens Veggie Splash
Garden Greens – Essential Greens
Body Ecology’s Vitality
Pure Planet
Amazon Planet
Nature’s Secret Super Green Energy Food
Nature’s Benefit Berries & Greens
Dynamic Greens
Ulimate Life, the Ultimate Meal
Natural Greens by Chirpractor’s Blend
Dynamics of Nature, VitaForce
Vita Base Ultra Greens
Dr Robert O. Young Doc Broc Greens
Innate Response Renewal
HarmonyNutrition, Seven Essentials
Cell-nique Super Green Drink
Quantum Greens
Better Than Greens
Power Balance (Dr, Wagner)
Sunwarrior’s Ormus Super Greens
Numedica’s Power Greens
Trader Joe’s Super Green Drink Powder
Rejuvenate Plus by Health Products Distributors
Nature’s Plus – Spiru-Tein High Protien energy meal


  1. why no review of primary greens of dr. schultz ? superfood ” or ” greens Plus “

  2. I would like to hear more reviews about Organifi Green Juice. Thank you.

  3. Could you please review barley max by hallelujah acres

  4. Could you please review ItWorks Greens {Berry flavor}? Thank you!

  5. Could you review Total Living Greens? Other websites rave however, I am suspicious of their integrity.

    Thank you!

  6. Have you tested Organic Juice Cleanse (OJC)

  7. What about Terra Greens by doterra? I didn’t see that one listed.

  8. I have heard great reviews of Total living Green Drinks, what do you think, say compared to Green Vibrance?

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